• location: Barcelona, Spain
  • area: -
  • competition entry: 2010

Kamishibai, 紙芝居, literally ‘paper drama’, is a form of storytelling that originated in Japanese Buddhist temples in the 12th century, where monks used e-maki (picture scrolls) to convey stories with moral lessons to a mostly illiterate audience. It was an initiative of ASA, Association Sustainability and Architecture, to adapt the Kamishibai to the actual times. The more important thing was the expectation that Kamishibais created at the places they visited. By designing a practical, cheap and ecological bike with a folder exhibition space, the Kamishibai is brought to the XXI century, keeping the expectation that originally caused. The energy demanded by the exhibition space is generated by the moving of the pedals and it would be accumulated in a small battery which is hidden inside the canvas.

  • team:
  • Luis Oliva Andrade
  • Javier Hernández Fernández


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