• location: Bremen, Germany
  • area: 3.000 m²
  • competition entry: 2011

To design The Academic Interchange we have taken on account how the user could experience the building. Functionality plays also a key role in our design and it is shown in several aspects such as the separation of the public and private, a clear access to the building through a plaza that comes up after pushing the original ‘box-shape’. Regarding the programme, the apartments for guest researchers are the only place to relax and a space that requires more privacy; for these two reasons they are placed in the first floor, completely separate from the public area. Although the easy access from the rest of the building, and they are not involved in the noisy coming and going of the daily activity. Public areas are this way placed in the ground floor not only to be separated but to make them easy to find for the new visitors as well. The roof has a special importance which is connected with the plaza by a slope (below it is the conference room), that could work as a stand for outdoor conference during the summer, and creates a new access for the apartments. By covering the huge roof with small plants and vegetation, it is aimed to get a temperature buffer besides gaining a more ecological and natural character.

  • team:
  • Luis Oliva Andrade
  • Javier Hernández Fernández


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