• location: Ibiza, Spain
  • area: 1.050 m²
  • competition entry: 2011

The site chosen to locate the Nature Centre was the Natural Park of Ses Salines of Ibiza and Formentera, a salt evaporation pond in the south of Ibiza. Due to the great ecological value of the zone and the proximity of three important beaches, the first action point was to distribute different activities throughout the area in order to enhance the possibilities of the saline. The Nature Centre was placed on one of the lakes of the saline, elevated over the water through wood columns. Each part of the programme (exposition space, hostel, administration, classrooms and restaurant) takes a cubic form resembling a salt crystal. The different parts were placed according to an optimized orientation for each function, for example, the exposition closed to the access while the hostel intended to have the best views of the place. These functions rested on the same platform, in a way that generated two circulations, one in the inside around a courtyard whereas the other was outside throughout the perimeter to let the visitor enjoy the site while reaching the desired destination. Finally a roof protected everything and gave shadow to all the functions, avoiding the direct exposure to the sun.

  • team:
  • Luis Oliva Andrade
  • Martí Palau Martorell


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