• location: Madrid, Spain
  • area: 2540 m²
  • competition entry: 2012
  • Mention

The Architects Institute of Madrid (COAM) organized a competition for the transformation of his foundation into a professional centre. The purpose was to reuse the historic building as an office centre for architects and other professionals in relation with the world of architecture. The proposal tried to reappraise the existing building giving it a new character according to the new use. The transformation will have a cafeteria, an exhibition space, a conference space, meeting rooms and office space and a storage space on the basement level. In order to improve the ground floor, the ramp next to the hall, instead of giving access to the parking (no more useful according to the brief), works not just as the access to a multifunctional double-height space for exhibitions, theatre, concerts…, but as well as a stand for those shows. The cafeteria will be set in the first floor with viewings to the street and to the entrance due to the double-height of the hall. On this level will be the meeting rooms as wall. In the next floors, an open floor would work as an office space for around 150 people.

  • team:
  • Luis Oliva Andrade


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